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D e w a  are...
(keyboard/vocal), Once (lead vocal), Andra (guitar), Erwin (bass), and Tyo (drums)

From my point of view,


They are...


Their new album is...

Dewa is an old Indonesian band, more than a decade if I'm not mistaken. The name was Dewa 19 before it turned into Dewa, after several years. But there is no possibility I like them before now. Even though I like some of their old songs, I could not like them. Not because they're bad. Honestly, they're great! It's just that their music and appearance didn't suit me.

Until one day I saw their live show on TV... they wore formal clothes; with coat and tie! I was shocked and I had a flash thought, "Kya---!! tFOV!!" (^^;) That made me stayed tune the channel, and watched their performance. I didn't like them immediately, because I thought it was only a coincidence they wore a suit. But on another TV program, they again singing their new song Arjuna Mencari Cinta with coat and tie! The song surprised me, soo cool!! And I decided that it was the sexiest performance of Dewa. (^^)


I think it's a little bit different from the previous. I didn't like Once's vocal at the previous album... in my ears it sounds like too many synthesizing or something. In this new album, I think the vocal sounds pure and straight, with nice man-oeuvre. The music sounds that way too... with cool interludes! In general, I think it's just a band should be.

A nuance of oldies felt here and there. I even feel like having a dejavu in some songs. You know, a feeling like, "I think I've ever heard this before... somewhere".

Title: Cintailah Cinta
Release: 2002.04
Total tracks: 9
Price: - CD: Rp 50,000
          - cassette: Rp 19,000
Rp 1,000 approx.: 0.11 US$ or 12.5

From Dhani's point of view...
<FYI, Dhani composed all songs in the new album>

About the new album Cintailah Cinta...
The sound in Cintailah Cinta is more like Queen, but the composition is more like Beatles. The sound and style of drums, for example, was intentionally made like Roger Taylor's way of playing. And the sound of guitar, even the guitar' label is Guild... it's like Brian May used to play with.

About Once' vocal...
Once's vocal is a rather difficult, so the composer has to follow his vocal. So if in Bintang Lima (*previous album) Once followed Dewa's style, in this new album Dewa tries to synchronize with Once (*Once is a new vocalist of Dewa, he joined in since the previous album).

this new album sounds too simple and light for Dewa...
We're tired of making difficult songs. If we wanted to make difficult songs, it'll take 3 years to release new album. What a waste of time and energies. For now we love hearing The Beatles' songs. You see, their music is not difficult but not cheap either!

This section is quoted from an interview with Dhani in POSTER magazine, May 2002 Edition (buy it, there're cool postcards of Dewa!! ^^)

Little Gallery...

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Guitar chord...
- Arjuna Mencari Cinta (6th album)
- Separuh Nafas (5th album)

Their place...

Fans Club Address: Jl. Pinang Emas VIII US/19 Pondok Indah Jakarta 12310 Indonesia
Website (pics, wallpapers, lyrics, midis available):