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Mimi o sumaseba

Shot news!! (I wonder from where I got this phrase?? ^^;)

The cat is back!!

Muta - the cat in Mimi o Sumaseba - returns in a brand new Ghibli animation; Neko no Ongaeshi. Official English title is The Cat Returns. Seiji calls the cat "Moon", but a girl calls it "Muta". So due the movie, I guess its real name Muta, then?

If you don't know how it looks like - this cat, I inserted a new picture down there. It is said that Muta will appear together with Baron, a tux cat.

If you listen carefully

It's just like when I first listened to tFOV song, I had a thought, "My... this is exactly what I'm looking for!" That's how I felt when I first finished reading the translated script of a Ghibli' animation Mimi o sumaseba. Though it is said to be 'not the best of Ghibli', but the idea... Shizuku's way of thinking... is exactly the same idea I've always wanted to tell to anybody, in anyway.

Shizuku said, "... Because even though we were reading the same books, one of us did only that, you know, and the other already has decided on his life's course and is steadily following it... I just can't encourage someone who's been striving more than me for so long..." * After that conversation with Yuuko, she decided to make a story just to make sure that she can do something, even though that way she'll ignore her school for a while.

I know that kind of feeling. I even think Shizuku is a very lucky girl... she realized it in such a young age! I was very surprised that someone had the same thought as mine. Well, actually I was surprised that someone had made a movie based on this thought. (^^;)

*From the translated script, taken from

Story info

I haven't watched the movie yet, so I think I don't have any competence to write the story line, even though I had read the script. Below is just general information about this movie animation.

- Title: Mimi o sumaseba (English title: Whisper of the Heart), Ghibli Studio 1995
- Original Story: Hiragi Aoi
- Producer: Suzuki Toshio
- Screenplay by: Miyazaki Hayao
- Directed by: Kondo Yoshifume

For more about the movie:
- The Anime Cafe

Little Gallery

I haven't seen this movie yet. I couldn't find it. But here are some pictures taken from promotion part in Tonari no Totoro. I think I like landscape or something (^^;)

mimi01.jpg (15962 bytes) Seiji on his bike
Shizuku and Seiji hand to hand Shizuku in her room, thinking alot
the city from the eye of Shizuku the front of the shop
Mimi o sumaseba - Shizuku writes sunset at the city
Baron in Shizuku story Muta - or Moon? - at the back seat of Seiji's bike