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Shingo' Office

Shingo' Office


His name is Katsurayama Shingo. To be honest, I see his appearance only in Kamen Rider KUUGA, he's Ichijou-san. This tokusatsu series is still broadcasted on RCTI every Sunday 10.30 am. But he's just too cool to be ignored! (^^)

When KUUGA was stopped for a while, I went crazy. In this long awaiting time, someone gave me a shocking news; Katsurayama-san was in Bali!! I didn't know for sure until a member of his fansclub gave me the confirmation. And yes, he did went to Bali to take pictures for his postcard collection and official calendar. My... my... It's not a surprise if someone in Bali or even Jakarta. Many foreign artists did the same thing. But if that someone is your favorite one, that would make difference.

If he had had known that he is known here (he appeared in a magazine several times in articles about KUUGA), would've he arranged an interview? I surely hope so. But next time, Katsurayama-san, please don't visit Bali only... please...!!

Little Gallery

These are pictures left from KUUGA Special Oshogatsu. A friend gave me the CD and it's gone with the big flood... >_< It's good I captured some scenes as soon as I got it, otherwise it must've been gone without trace. I hate flood...!!!

ichijou01.jpg (17684 bytes) ichijou02.jpg (18290 bytes) ichijou03.jpg (14455 bytes)

Shingo' Shrines

Official site: Webroute23
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This section is specially made as my thanks and appreciation for friends from Katsurayama-san' BBS. Thank you so much for the warm welcome, and the hands that had helped me to know Katsurayama-san better.