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Seifer' Smile

Mimi o Sumaseba

Shingo' Office

Seifer' Smile

Why Seifer?

Seifer is a character in a game - Final Fantasy VIII. The main character in that game is Squall. Seifer is... well I think he's the opposite of Squall. While Squall is the one who hardly speak his mind (he often talk to himself), Seifer easily speaks out. While Squall has long soft hair, Seifer has short (^^). And, while Squall fights to defeat Ultimecia, Seifer fights to reborn her. But above all, Seifer is a trustworthy fellow and the one who is willing to help his friends. It is shown clearly in the game.
Not enough reason to be his fan?

  1. He's very cool!

  2. Though he appears in a somehow troubling and annoying personality, but he has the heart to lead an applause for Squall and friends for being approved as SeeDs. If he's really that bad, how can he do that?

  3. He has charm. See how Rinoa adores him?

  4. Even though he's the antagonist, in the end, Seifer is the only guy who can smile with such a warm and tender eyes. Even Squall can't do such a thing!

  5. That smile I told you, it appears while the interlude of Eyes On Me is playing... very touching part

  6. I wonder if he can dance...

  7. He has short hair! In animations, the guy with longer hair usually looks cooler, but he's an exception. Therefore, I can't draw him (I can't draw short hair ^^;)

  8. I wonder how his Limit Break would look like if his gunblade is upgraded... You know, Squall' Limit Break Lion Heart is fantastic!!

  9. I wonder how he looks like using SeeD' uniform... if only he's SeeD

  10. Believe me, he has lovely eyes!

Little Gallery

pic_ff.jpg (28421 bytes)

I put some pictures together recklessly like this one. (^^;) Um... by the way, they're not from other sites, I took them by myself from ending FMV (difficult part, it was) Follow the thumbnail to view it larger.

Background: blue sky with a feather, it's right after Seifer' scene
Top-left: The grass-land Laguna looking at

Top-right: Ellone, waving hand at Laguna. She's very nice here, so I chose her to spoil. (^^;) She's not Seifer' girl, of course!
Bottom-right: A splash of sea water. That's when Raijin was kicked by Fujin. What a friendship.
Bottom-left: Here it is!! Seifer' warm smile and tender eyes in a sad interlude...

Seifer' Shrines