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I had a strange sense of humor when I inserted this section. Why and where should I insert it... I had no idea. Maybe because more sections are written in Indonesian... so why couldn't I teach you some?

I assume you understand katakana and your PC can read Japanese text. Because I'm going to use Japanese pronunciation as the connector.

Indonesian is very easy. It has no tenses, unlike English... so... less words and grammar to remember. Indonesian uses Roman letter... from A to Z. But it has different pronunciation from English. How we spell vocals is like Japanese language. Indonesian and Japanese has a similarity in pronunciation.

How to pronounce?

for a, for i, for u, for e, and for o. Plus one more spelling for e, it's like "a" in "announce". When it's compared to Japanese, it can change into the sound of or , depends on the word.

For instance...

Indonesian won't say "Yuuya" for "U-ya", since it spells ウ for "u", not ユ. That is why I write down how to spell U-ya's name, because Indonesian will spell it wrong if I don't. They will spell it "uya" (ウヤ) instead of "yuuya" (ユウヤ). (I did it too at first ^^;)

Also, maybe Indonesian will spell it as ユ-ウ-ヤ instead of saying a long ユ. Because Indonesian words don't have 2 vocals in a row to be spelled long, unlike Japanese. If Indonesian word's spelled long, it means we put stress on the word. This is one difficult point when Indonesian learns Japanese.

"Gundam" is another example. Until now, I don't know how to spell it correctly. Because it is a title of Japanese animation, Indonesian will easily think that this word is spelled in our pronunciation. Even the Indonesian dubbed animation says グンダム. But it is said that actually the word "gun" from "gundam" is an English word... so it's supposed to be ガンダム. I also read from the cover box of a Gundam model kit, it is written in katakana ガンダム. But why the Indonesian dubbed version says グンダム? It is a mystery... but as for me, I spell it グンダム, because that is what I heard most of the time. Besides, if I read "gundam", the first thought reading it is グンダム, not ガンダム.

That's an example how Indonesian read words. There'll be more and more funny examples about pronouncing a word, regarding to the differences between English and Indonesian pronunciation.


So, for now, you can read Indonesian words... even though you don't understand it. ^^p

Now... can you spell the Indonesian sentence "saya suka tFOV"? It means "I like tFOV". You can spell it as "サヤスカtFOV". As for me, 好き (suki) is the easiest Japanese word to remember because in Indonesian it means suka (スカ)... very close isn't it?

And, when I was early learner of English, the easiest English word to remember was "lamp", because in Indonesian it means "lampu" (ランプ)... very close in written but far enough in oral, isn't it?

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