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To build a site, begins with a page.
Try this simple page maker to make your first step, or just for fun!
The buttons will make the code for you and appear in the box below. You can add your own code and text! Write anything, and see what'll happen.
Please, feel free use this tool.

  • Let's start it!
    Begin by clicking the start button and typing the title of your page

  • Select your background, text and link colors
    You may see the background colors as sample, and decide what color will suit you.
    The code beside the name of each colors appear to allow you change it anytime.
    After black and white, colors are in alphabetical order.

    Page background:
    Active links:
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  • Forms
    Arrange your form using these buttons

  • Customize the look of the page
    This section allows you to add many things such as links and other options

  • The size for text
    Add different size for different text. 1 is the smallest and 6 is the biggest.

  • Are you finish?
    Look at the big box above, do you want to make more changes? If you're satisfied, you may click on end button.

  • Ready, Go!
    Now, you can preview your page! Click go button below.

  • Need more to customize?
    How's your preview? Is it cool? That's your work, so be proud of it!
    You can still make more changes here and there, by rearrange the code in the HTML box. Then preview it again by clicking GO button.

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