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the FIELD OF VIEW link

Below are link to tFOV sites. Try other point of views about the FIELD OF VIEW!! (^^)
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the FIELD OF VIEW official website

This is official site of tFOV! Front page is updated whenever there is new single, included there picture from the CD jacket, sample music from all singles, profile, and message form to tFOV!
Personally, I wish that they include more pictures here. Or make special section for each of member. Or more personalized site (in my opinion, all Being Groups' sites are similar). But, well, that's ok. If there is an argue, please skip my comment.

Wonderful Time

Share wonderful time with tFOV! Included here complete profile, news, report, which are always updated! ^^ Also link to many interesting place related. Serve greeting card, quiz, postpet, and message form to tFOV, and and many links to other tFOV site!


With impressive top page, included here member profile, BBS, many links, tFOV mailing list, and more! See that the top page is really "Field of View"... ^^

Field of View Tomorrow55

This is the top page of Kawaita Sake. Where you can find pic from CD jacket for becoming CD jacket for Field of Boo. ^^

Dreaming Always


Kimi o terasu taimoreyou ni

I hope I wrote the title correctly! It's not just about tFOV, but also about other artists. And psst... ada pic tFOV, lho! ^^. Stated there "Asaoka U-ya wa boku no naka de "Nihon issawayaka na dansei vocal" desu"...

Field of View Space

It's the space for midis and animation pictures. See how cute tFOV are!

Baby Canon


Happy Cherry Project


fov no CHIKARA

An unofficial hp for male tFOV fan? (^^) Also unofficial fanclub for male tFOV fan? (*oh, I have to go to translator site!*)