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captured Moments...

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Uya: Mite, mite, Kenji! (singing) futari aoi kasa de...!
Kenji: ...

[Uya: Look, Kenji, look! With our blue umbrella...!
a verse from "Aoi Kasa de"]

Kenji, in ski land
Kenji: Mite, mite, Uya! Oozora e habatakou...!

[Look, Uya, look! Let's fly to the big sky - a verse from "Oozora e"]

Meanwhile, Uya in his home...
Uya: (sneeze so sudden) ...?

~road to abbey road~

Takashi: Shall we go to Abbey Road?
Kenji: Yes! Yes! Let's go to Abbey Road!!
Takuto: This way, guys!
Uya: Let's go!!

Abbey Road studios, London, is a place where tFOV remixed "Still"
Costume is taken from CD jacket 17th single ~Truth of Love~

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