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Lothar Matthaeus

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. Original video by LOGOS Video Entertainment, "Matthaeus: L'Inter dei record"

Lothar Matthaeus, a German squad's captain who led the team to be the champion of FIFA World Cup 1990. Rose in the era of Maradona and shone in the era of Klinsmann and Van Basten. An outside-penalty-area shooter (well, I guess that's very typical of midfielders). The first soccer player I knew. The first soccer legend I witnessed.

Soccer is an extremely exciting game to watch, so I want to share the excitement. If you think that those kinds of shots in Captain Tsubasa can only be in an animation, you're
WRONG! 1990... I was a kid, but I do remember a person called David Platt - an English player with a Tintin haircut - who did an extraordinary overhead kick. I remember cannon balls of midfielders, shot from 1/3 of the field length. The ones who can jump over tackler, run over half of the field and made score with an outside-penalty-area shot - this one is Matthaeus' speciality!!

>> H O M E <<

. "Matthaeus" is originally came from "Matthäus". "ä" is a German character and is equal to "ae" in Roman character.