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Useful Tools

Below are sites which might useful for you, related to computer or website matter.
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Japanese-English & English-Japanese translator

Language: Japanese
It's to make Japanese a little bit easier for you. Just a little, because it's just a software machine, so it may too "cold" to translate words/sentences from Japanese to English, and English to Japanese.
But it is useful! Though this site is in Japanese, it is easy to use!
One more thing, I haven't try it to translate Japanese word which is in Romaji. I don't know whether it can do it or not.

Here're my tips, to use it optimally:

  • Translate little by little. It's much safer way to get an appropriate meaning. Besides, you won't get dizzy to read it when the software done its work! (^^)
  • If you want to translate your own sentences, use most regular and formal form. Make them short and practical.
  • It may not recognize daily words or expression, so you have to be wise to take the result!

Altavista translator

Language: English
Pretty much the same. But this tool can translate a whole site!
I've tried it... it is useful, well, in some cases, though. It's just that this translator is too sensitive. It translates person's name also! Or maybe it cannot "recognize" person's name. Because the kanji "Yuuya Asaoka" is translated into "it's a shallow oka male", and many names are also translated. The previous translator doesn't do this.

Microsoft Global IME

Language: English
If you use ordinary keyboard, with ordinary system, you won't be able to write Japanese character in your Ms Word, or send e-mail in Japanese text.
Here, you can download Ms IME (Input Method Editor), for free, to make it possible.
Now, the download is for Windows XP only. But there is older IME for non XP. Overview the whole page, you'll find the link to download it. Size: approximately 3 to 5 MB.

1st Page 2000

Language: English
1st Page 2000 is a freeware HTML editor. In my opinion, it is like a much better notepad. Size: 5 MB.

1st Page 2000, too

Language: German
Also perform 1st Page 2000 downloading. Since I failed to download it from Evrsoft and Tucows and the mirrors (I don't know why), I finally got it from here! It's in German, but the link is very easy to follow.
The ancient saying is true... there are many ways to China... ^_^


Language: English
It's a site to find "language" which suits you. You may need cgi, PERL, Java, Applet, or just a site who store your form, build BBS, and chats... and many many more "language" which I may not capable to explain (^^)


Language: English
Need scripts? You may find them here. It is written 1998 in the bottom. It means it's not updated since that year?

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