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tFOV' collection room... Collection

These are songs listed in library. tFOV has made more than 13 thousands hits till date. Let's support tFOV by producing more hits!
  • Totsuzen

  • Oozora e

  • Beautiful day

Audio Galaxy Collection

Here is list of some tFOV songs available at Audio Galaxy. All songs are in shared directory, not direct download. As the name, I'm sure they're meant to be collected only. Please don't mess things around. (^_^)
Songs are listed according to the release date.
  • Kimi ga itakara


  • Totsuzen

  • Last Good-bye

  • Wake up!

  • Moonlight night

  • DANDAN Kokoro hikareteku

  • DOKI

  • Kawaita sakebi


  • Still

  • Fuyu no BALLAD

  • Dasenai tegami

  • Truth of Love

  • Natsu no kioku

BMF collection

Yoo-hoo!! tFOV is finally included!! (^^) Their songs are now available here, together with other BMF artists' (Wands, Zard, B'z, etc).
This page is recommended because it's a direct download and fast. Files are zipped files, and the password to open each file is:

All songs from 2nd album FIELD OF VIEW II (Old, huh? But some I don't have yet). The computer I used could not read other character except Roman (sigh), and there is possibility that the computer I'm going to use to upload this page cannot either, so... I can only write those written in Romaji, especially one song I could download that time, and guessing from the translation (^^;)

  • Rainy day

  • Last Good-bye

  • DANDAN Kokoro Hikareteku

  • Wake up!

  • Promise you

  • Believe myself

  • Yume mitsuzukete ima mo

  • The way of my life

All 'bout tFOV